A Rotary Ambassador Scholar Comes To Visit!

June 18, 2015 Service 0 Comments

Lindsey Elkin (left), the last Ambassador Scholar from Rotary District 7450, was a surprise visitor at the Rotary Club of Philadelphia luncheon on June 18 at the Union League.

She is shown with Philadelphia Rotarian Joseph Batory (right), who coordinated and monitored the scholarships of 23 Rotary outgoing scholars from Philadelphia, and nine Rotary visiting scholars who studied in Philadelphia.

Lindsey studied for her master’s degree at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. She has grown to love the country and its people and is still living in South Africa.


Below is what Lindsey had to say about the experience when she completed her studies:


Rotary is an unbelievable organization, made up of thousands of diverse

individuals who have one thing in common: making the world a better place

through a devotion to service above self. I cannot say enough good things

about Rotary. I have met such fascinating, impressive individuals through this

experience. As I continue to get older and busier, I see how difficult it is to

make time for extra activities. The devotion that Rotarians have toward

furthering the ideals of goodwill peace and understanding should be emulated

at a global level. We can all learn something from Rotary, and I deeply admire

each and every Rotarian I have encountered from the start of the application



I would describe the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship as a life-changing

opportunity, where one is provided with an incredible privilege to perform their

duty in bridging cultural gaps, broadening their personal horizons, and

furthering goodwill, peace and understanding through study and cultural

immersion. While I loved my courses at the University of Cape Town , the real beauty of the

Ambassadorial Scholarship happened outside of the classroom  while walking

a Congolese friend’s dog, taking a solo hike up Lions Head to watch the

sunset, or sharing chicken wings in this rainbow culture.


I will be forever grateful to Rotary for the experience provided. Rotary changed my life.

I will always be indebted to the organization, and open myself up in any way that I can assist.

I actually will be staying an extra year in South Africa  working on my thesis, and I plan

on remaining active with my host club and the other clubs in South Africa.

Following my eventual return to the U.S., I plan on joining Rotary and helping

provide others with the invaluable experience I was provided with.


Thank so much to Rotary for this opportunity. Words cannot describe what

Rotary means to me. I am forever grateful.