A Shelter Box Story

July 31, 2015 Service 1 Comment

ShelterBoxes provide emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis. If there are families in need of emergency shelter, ShelterBox does everything it can to help them rebuild their lives. ShelterBox has responded to natural disasters in 90 countries.

ShelterBox is a Rotary International Partner. As a result, Rotary Clubs from all around the world regularly purchase ShelterBoxes.

The short story below was written by the Nazareth, PA Rotary Club president who wanted to show a ShelterBox at a community event. Her names is Lisa A.  Jaawani, JD


“I wanted to share a moment to thank a number of Rotary members, individually and collectively, for the steps they took to help me obtain a demonstration ShelterBox for display at the recent Nazareth Day in Nazareth, PA.


“What happened with this effort highlights to me why Rotary is the premier service organization worldwide. Different Rotarians each took time out of what they were doing or could have been doing to help me out during my dilemma.  Let me share with each of you how this story unfolded.


“When I decided that I wanted to have a demo ShelterBox near our booth for Nazareth Day, I started making phone calls to accomplish that objective.  What I found out was that the only intact ShelterBox for display in the area was promised to the Doylestown Rotary club for the same day.


“I decided to try asking our “North East Extension” neighbors if they could lend a hand in helping me to get one.  That’s where Randy Brock from the Blue Bell Rotary entered the picture.   Randy put me in contact with Joan Batory from the Philadelphia Rotary Club.

Joan did not have a ShelterBox but what she did give me was the contact information for Philadelphia Rotarian Bill Decker who is connected with the ShelterBox USA organization.  Bill responded to my phone call AND sent e-mails AND made calls on my behalf while he was in FRANCE !!!


“One of the e-mails that Bill sent was to Tom Lloyd the person whom he believed had demo ShelterBoxes. In a relatively short period of time I received an e-mail from Tom Lloyd letting me know that he no longer had the demo boxes but putting me in contact with Kelly Hornbaker who did.  Kelly then contacted me early Thursday morning and the ball was in motion for me to go and pick up a ShelterBox from her THE SAME DAY !!!


“Oh, and did I mention that while preparing to drive down to meet Kelly, I received a call from Alan Monroe the Interim Executive Director at Shelter Box who was calling to see if I had gotten what I needed and offering his assistance to help make it happen if it hadn’t already.


What is really amazing is that all of this played out within 48 hours…just two short days.  Many different Rotarians went the extra step and proved that just a small amount of effort can make a big difference in helping any situation have a positive ending no matter how impossible it appears.”