Happy 105th Anniversary

March 3, 2016 Service 0 Comments

                           Rotary Club of Philadelphia…More Than 105 Years of Making Good Things Happen!

The Rotary Club of Philadelphia is proud of its dedicated efforts of humanitarian outreach into the Philadelphia community and beyond over more than 105 years.

The Rotary Club of Philadelphia distributions of more than 16,000 thesauruses, dictionaries, atlases and library books just in the past six years have touched the lives of many thousands of Philadelphia school children at more than 25 city schools.

The Rotary Club of Philadelphia sponsors the Philadelphia Rotaract Club at the University of Pennsylvania and the Drexel University Rotaract Club. Both clubs are composed of young people ages 18-30 who engage in community service outreach into the community.

The West Catholic Prep Interact Club is a high school partner organization sponsored by the Rotary Club of Philadelphia.  This club completed six service activities this past year.  The Philadelphia Rotary also sent three students from West Catholic Prep to the weekend long Rotary Leadership Training (RYLA).

The Philadelphia Rotary is also sponsoring another Interact Club at the Global Leadership Academy and an Early Act Club for elementary age children at the Andrew Jackson School.

The Rotary Club of Philadelphia has its own foundation and  awarded more than $30,000.00 of grants for deserving humanitarian projects in 2014-2015 and will do so again in 2015-2016.

As major funding highlights, the Philadelphia Rotary has been a financial partner in a project to improve maternal health care in Uganda for the past three years.  This imitative linked  medical professionals from Drexel University and Makere University  in Uganda.  In the past year, the club has also financed five Rotaplast surgical operations for children with cleft palates. And the Philadelphia Rotary purchased five Shelter Boxes to provide a temporary living environment for families in a natural disaster area.

At the local level, the Philadelphia Rotary has financially supported outreach programs for the homeless, immigrant literacy, restoration of school music and targeted education for struggling readers in schools as well as supporting a program for babies under intensive medical care at Children’s Hospital.

In the recent past, the Rotary Club of Philadelphia successfully sponsored three Rotary International Peace Fellowship winners from Philadelphia—two Philadelphia police lieutenants and a Philadelphia assistant district attorney—who studied violence prevention, peace building, mediation and compromise for three months at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

The Philadelphia Rotary has been a very strong financial supporter of Rotary International’s dynamic and highly successful campaign to eliminate polio worldwide.  Even more significantly, its members over the years have consistently distinguished themselves with a wide array of volunteer “hands on” efforts locally.  Philadelphia Rotarians are involved each year with local community service projects each year, ranging from painting inner city interior school walls to playground and park clean-ups to answering phones and other volunteer activities for non-profits in need.

Of the 34,000 Rotary Clubs in the world, the Rotary Club of Philadelphia was the 19th to be chartered.  That Rotary network of clubs today includes 1.2 million members in more than 200 countries.  Internationally, Rotary provides the largest independently funded scholarship program in the world. Rotary’s  efforts also promote health and literacy, reduce poverty and hunger, fight pollution, assist in disaster situations, and attempt to build peace and goodwill internationally.  The many positive global impacts of Rotary have been and continue to be staggering.

The Rotary Club of Philadelphia has been the home to two Rotary International Presidents – Glenn Mead (1912-13) and Guy Gundaker (1923-24).  Current member Lynmar Brock has served as a past Director of Rotary International.  Many of the Rotary clubs in the Greater Philadelphia area can trace their roots back to the Rotary Club of Philadelphia as their “mother” club.

One of the Philadelphia Rotary’s unique affiliations of the past was its “twin relationship” with the Rotary Club of Nottingham (UK) which began in 1921. For many years, these two clubs created friendship activities which allowed members to periodically visit with each other back and forth across the Atlantic. Skype conferences between these two Rotary clubs are being used annually to rekindle that “twin relationship.”

Members of the Rotary Club of Philadelphia continue to enjoy great fellowship with each other with weekly luncheon meetings every Thursday in center city Philadelphia.

The Rotary Club of Philadelphia’s 105+ years  of excellence in volunteerism and caring as well as funding community projects continues to generate meaningful initiatives for those in need.